MX/DNS records

If you have signed up for our email services on your domain (, then setting MX and DNS records are extremely important parts to ensuring your account is working properly. These settings are typically configured on the site where you registered your domain name.

DNS records play a role in both ensuring email comes into your Hushmail account and arrives at the destination that you are sending to when you email someone.

For example; if you send an email to an outside account, like Gmail, and it bounces back as undeliverable, then there is a good chance your DNS records are not set up correctly. Gmail is bouncing the email back because your DNS records are not reporting that Hushmail is ok to send email on the behalf of your domain.

By configuring your DNS records properly, you are reporting to Gmail and other providers that your email is safe and they can let it through.

Below you will find instructions on setting up these records.

Mail Exchanger (MX) records are the part of DNS records which direct email to specific servers on the Internet. Before Hushmail can receive mail for your domain, you’ll need to configure the MX records.  These can typically be changed through your web host or domain registrar’s control panel.

MX records for Hushmail Business

Host          Points to                             Priority

@             10

@             10

Provider specific instructions for MX and DNS records

Below you can find video tutorials and detailed provider specific instructions to help you update your MX, SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.

Not seeing your provider? We also have generic instructions that you can use to get everything set up correctly.


Still having trouble? We are happy to help! Please contact us here and we can ensure your MX records are set up correctly.

Please note:

  1. Changing the MX records will not affect your existing web hosting.
  2. It is not necessary to point your DNS records (i.e. A records) to a different IP address, or to transfer existing web hosting.
  3. Hushmail Business subdomains ( require no configuration on your part.
  4. When you add our MX records don't forget to remove the old MX records that are already listed at your domain registrar.