Automatic response (out of office reply, vacation responder)

To set up an automatic response:

  1. Sign in to Hushmail, then click Preferences from the menu in the upper-right
  2. Select the Automatic response tab
  3. Click the pencil icon beside Automatic response, and set this to Enabled
  4. Enter the subject and text for your automatic response.
  5. Click Save.


To disable your automatic response, set the Automatic Response option to Disabled, then click Save. You can leave the subject and text to reuse next time you are away.

Important notes:

  • The automatic response will only send it's message once per hour, per unique email address email address that contacts the out of office address.
    • This means that if you set up your automatic response and test it to make sure it's working then you will not receive the response again until one hour after your last test.
  • Email sent to an alias email address on your account will not trigger the automatic response.   
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