Blocked for abuse, spam, or a terms of service violation?

Our abuse prevention team works day and night to prevent people from using Hushmail for illicit purposes. We also have a number of automated security measures in place to detect and prevent spam and other types of abusive behavior that is against our Terms of Service.

Unfortunately we occasionally make mistakes which result in good people being caught in our trap. If your account has been mistakenly blocked from Hushmail, we'll work with you get back up and running as quickly as possible. We know that it's a major inconvenience to be locked out of your email account and we're sorry for any trouble this has caused you.

The most common reasons that you would be blocked from Hushmail include:

  1. Sending a large amount of email. Hushmail is well suited for day-to-day personal email, and Hushmail Business is well suited for day-to-day business email. If you're sending a large number of emails with similar content, our system will probably interpret that as spam. To send email to a large mailing list, we recommend MailChimp.
  2. Violating our Terms of Service. If you are in violation of our Terms of Service your account will be permanently deactivated. 
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