Supported web browsers, operating systems, and email applications

To ensure the best experience using Hushmail, and to keep up to date on critical security updates, we recommend using the latest versions of our supported browsers, operating systems, and third-party email applications.

Web Browsers

  • Apple Safari (version 16 and up)
  • Google Chrome (version 108 and up)
  • Microsoft Edge (version 108 and up)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 102 and up)

Operating Systems


  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10


  • Ventura (13)
  • Monterey (12)
  • Big Sur (11)

Apple iOS:

  • iOS 15 and up

Email Applications

  • Apple Mail (version 14 and up)
  • Microsoft Outlook (2013 and up)
  • Thunderbird (version 102 and up)

These minimum requirements also apply to customers using our Secure Forms feature, as well as non-Hushmail recipients reading encrypted messages. 

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