Apple Mail (IMAP)

Please note: If you have enabled two-step verification on your account, you must sign in to a desktop or mobile email application by entering a security code in addition to your passphrase. Find out how to locate and use your security code here.

Please note: When sending mail from a third-party mail client, your copy of the message will be saved in your Sent folder as encrypted, even if the message is sent as non-encrypted. By default, any mail sent via SMTP from a third-party mail program will be sent as non-encrypted, unless the recipient is a Hushmail customer or has previously set a passphrase for receiving encrypted email.

Mac Mail is sometimes referred to as Mac Mail.

Watch: Adding an account to Apple Mail

From the Mail menu, select Accounts.

Select Add Account.

Select Add Other Mail Account...

Select Mail Account.

Enter your Name as you'd like it to appear to others you send mail to, then enter in your full Email Address, and enter your Hushmail Passphrase in the Password field. Then, click Sign In

It's expected you may see a red Unable to verify account name or password message. This simply means we'll need to enter in some additional information:

User Name: Your full Hushmail email address (ie:

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

Then, click Sign In

On the next screen, select Mail, then click Done. Your account should now be successfully added to Apple Mail



If you're having trouble sending email, try again with the following alternate SMTP server settings:

Alternate SMTP server 1

Server hostname:

Port: 587

SSL: Enabled

Alternate SMTP server 2

Server hostname:

Port: 465

SSL: Enabled

How to change your SMTP server settings

From the Mail menu, select Settings.

From Settings, select  Server Settings. Under the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) heading, click on the Account drop-down, then select Edit SMTP Server List.

Select the server name from the list at the top, and select Server Settings. Then, uncheck the Automatically manage connection settings box, and ensure the following information is shown:

Username: your full Hushmail email address

Password: your Hushmail passphrase

Host name:

Port: 465 OR 587


Authentication: Password

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