Sign in to desktop and mobile email applications with two-step verification security code

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We’ll explain how to sign in to a desktop or mobile email application, such as Outlook or Apple Mail, after you’ve enabled two-step verification for your Hushmail account. 

Using a two-step verification security code:

When signing in to a desktop or mobile email application with our two-step verification feature enabled, you'll need to enter additional information into the Password field in the mail program.

We'll provide you with a 20-character security code, which you'll enter in addition to your regular passphrase.

Steps to find and use your security code

1. Sign into your Hushmail account in webmail

2. Select Preferences from the menu in the top-right corner

3. Click on the Security tab

4. If two-step verification is not On, enable it by following the instructions in our Help article 

5. Once two-step verification is enabled, at the bottom of the Security tab, find the section labeled  Using a desktop or mobile email application, as shown below:

6. At the bottom of this section, find the line that reads your_passphrase, followed by a space, then a 20-letter security code separated by spaces: your_passphrase xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx 

7. When prompted for your password in the email program, enter in your Hushmail passphrase in place of the your_passphrase placeholder, then a space, then the 20-letter security code (including the spaces but being sure to not add a space at the end) 

Example – if your passphrase is your_passphrase, you'd enter in: your_passphrase xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Next steps: 

Depending on the mail program, you may need to enter this in for both the incoming and outgoing server settings sections.

If you need extra help with signing in to your desktop or mobile email application after two-step verification is enabled, Customer Care is always happy to assist. 

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