How do I configure allow & block lists for my domain?

Tip: This help article is for setting domain-wide block and allow lists.

Hushmail Business customers can setup block and allow lists for their domain. These block and allow lists will be in effect for all users on their domain.

Domain administrators can manage their block & allow lists as follows:

  1. Sign into Hushtools with your administrator account.
  2. Next, click on the Domains link located on the left of the page, and then click on the Configure allow and block list button for your domain, or if you have more than one domain, chose the domain for which you wish to create the block and allow list.
  3. Next, choose either Allow list or Block List.
  4. Next choose Email addresses or Domain names and then enter the email address or domain you wish to block or allow.
  5. Next click Add to this domain's allow/block list.

If one of your users has configured an allow list or block list rule for the same email address or domain, the user's rule will override the domain's rule.

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