Working with your contact list

To access your contact list, sign into Hushmail, click the menu button on the top right, then click Contacts.

Your contact list will look like this:

Starred contacts are anyone you have manually added to your contact list or imported to the list using our Import contacts tool.

Other contacts are any email address you have sent an email to or replied to in the past.

Note: Addresses on your Other contacts list serve as a sort of white list, which tells our system that you likely want to receive email from these addresses, so they are less likely to end up in your Junk folder when they email you.

To add an address to your Starred contacts list, simply click on New contact on this page, fill out your contacts details and click Save.

Creating a group contact

You can create a group contact so that when you compose an email and select that contact, the system will email several addresses.

Watch: Creating a group contact

  • From the Contacts page click on New contact
  • In the Name field, name your group contact
  • In the Email field, type or paste in any address you want to be included in the group and separate each one with a comma.
    • Ex:,,
    • Note: Your group contact can not end in a comma
  • Click Save to finish

Now, when you go to Compose a new email and you select the group contact from your contact list, it will send your email to everyone in that group.

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