Use a Hush™ Secure Forms template

Level: beginner


We’ll explain how to use one of the many Hush™ Secure Forms templates in the template directory. 

How to access the template directory:

1. Open up the form builder in webmail

To access Hush™ Secure Forms, click on theForm Builder button at the top right of your webmail window. 

2. Select Create form.

How to choose a template:   

The templates are divided into two categories: General and Healthcare. You can either click on one of these categories on the left of your screen or scroll down through the list of templates to find the one that best suits your purpose. 

Templates include practice forms tailored to specializations such as behavioral health and dental as well as practice forms suitable for all. Templates also include self-administered questionnaires, such as the GAD-7 screening for generalized anxiety disorder, that deliver a score upon completion. 

Once you find the template you’d like to use, clickPreview or use.

How to customize a template:

Click on any of the existing fields to edit the name or delete the field.

Use theShow advanced options switch for additional editing options or to set a condition

You can also drag and drop new fields into your form. All you have to do is click on the field you want from the menu on the left, drag it to where you want it on your form, and give the field a name. You can then rearrange the fields by clicking on them and dragging and dropping them.

NOTE: If you’re using a self-administered questionnaire template, you will be able to customize the top portion of the form, including the client information fields, but not the questionnaire itself. 

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