Share your forms with your colleagues

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Explain how you can share a form with your colleagues and how your colleagues can send that form to their clients.

Form sharing

If you’re on a plan with five or more user accounts, you can save time by building one form that everyone on the same plan can send.

There is no extra cost associated with using shared forms. A form shared throughout your organization counts as one form toward the maximum number of forms allowed on your plan.

How to use form sharing

1. Enable the Sharing switch in the form’s Form settings

By sharing a form you created, others on the same plan will be able to use that form as their own. Any changes you make to that form will be reflected in the form they send.


2. To send a shared form, go to the Compose page in webmail

3. Look for the shared form in the Add form dropdown menu 

The form will be labeled with the name of the person who shared the form.



4. Send the form

Once the form is filled out and submitted by the client, that form submission will only be received by the person who sent the form. No one else gets a copy – not the original form owner or any of the additional recipients the form owner added when creating the form. 

The shared form lives in the form sender's Forms folder, and only the form sender can use the Retrieve function to get a duplicate copy. 

However, the form can only be edited by the original owner. 

Next steps: 

If you would like more information about form sharing, including examples of when form sharing might be useful for your organization, read our blog post New feature: form sharing.

If you need extra help with form sharing, Customer Care is always happy to assist. 

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