Create a "smart" subject line for your web form

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Show you how you can use information your clients submit through a web form in the subject line of that form’s notification email. 

Using information from a form in your form subject line

When your client fills out and submits a form, it arrives in your email inbox with a subject line that you set when you build the form. 

By default, the subject line is the title of the form. You can also set the subject line to pull information from the form such as an appointment date. That way, at a glance you can immediately know detailed information about a particular form.

How to use information from a form in your form subject line

1. After opening a form in the Form Builder, go to Form settings and Notification email

2. In Email subject, put the exact name of the field you want the information to come from between two % signs



3. Make sure the field name between the %s exactly matches the field name on the form

To find the field name, drag and drop a field into your form, click on the field, type in the field name at the top of the box, and click Apply.

Next steps: 

If you need extra help with building your forms, Customer Care is always happy to assist. 

Or take a look at the help articles listed below.

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