Using POP/IMAP with Two-Step Verification

When adding your account to a desktop or mobile mail program with our two-step verification feature enabled, you'll need to enter in some additional information into the "Password" field in the mail program.

Rather than using a verification code sent to an alternate address or a phone number, we'll provide you with a 20-character IMAP/POP password, which you'll enter in addition to your regular passphrase.

To find this, please sign into your account in our webmail interface, and select Preferences from the menu in the top-right. Then, click on the Security tab. at the bottom of the Security tab, you will see a section labeled Using POP & IMAP, as shown below



At the bottom of this section, you will see a line that reads your_passphrase, followed by a space, then a string of 20 letters separated by spaces. When prompted for your password in the mail program, you'll just need to enter in your Hushmail passphrase in place of the your_passphrase placeholder, then a space, then the 20 letters that show on the Security tab (including the spaces between them). Please be sure to not end in a space, however. For example, if your passphrase was your_passphrase you'd enter in:

your_passphrase xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


Depending on the mail program, you may need to enter this in for both the incoming and outgoing server settings sections.