Thunderbird (IMAP)

Please note: When sending mail from a third-party mail client, your copy of the message will be saved in your Sent folder as encrypted, even if the message is sent as non-encrypted. By default, any mail sent via SMTP from a third-party mail program will be sent as non-encrypted, unless the recipient is a Hushmail customer or has previously set a passphrase for receiving encrypted email.
POP & IMAP are available only to Hushmail Premium with Desktop Access. All Hushmail Business accounts come with POP & IMAP included.

Set up Thunderbird to work with Hushmail (IMAP)

You can download Mozilla Thunderbird for free.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Account Settings, then click Account Actions, and finally click Add Mail Account.


  2. Type your name, email address and passphrase in to the space provided.

    When you have finished entering your account information, click Continue.


  3. After Thunderbird detects your account settings, select IMAP, then click Manual config.


    (Please note: if you are using your own domain, you may receive a message that Thunderbird cannot find your server settings automatically. Simply click "Manual Config", and enter in the settings shown below)

  4. Enter your account information as shown below.



    Incoming: IMAP
    Server hostname: 
    Port: 993

    Outgoing: SMTP
    Server hostname:
    Port: 465

    Username: your full Hushmail email address

  5. When you have finished, click Done. If Done is greyed out, you may need to click Re-test first.


If you're having trouble sending mail, please try again with the alternate SMTP server settings shown below:

Alternate SMTP server

Server hostname:
Port: 587

To use an alternate SMTP server:

  1. From the Tools menu, select Account Settings, then select Outgoing Server (SMTP) from the list on the left


  2. Click on Edit and change your server settings as directed above. When done, click OK.