Android (IMAP)

Please note: When sending mail from a third-party mail client, your copy of the message will be saved in your Sent folder as encrypted, even if the message is sent as non-encrypted. By default, any mail sent via SMTP from a third-party mail program will be sent as non-encrypted, unless the recipient is a Hushmail customer or has previously set a passphrase for receiving encrypted email.
Tip: These instructions are for configuring IMAP on a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 6.0. If you are using a different Android smartphone or operating system version the server settings are the same but the process might be slightly different. You can also use our mobile site,, to access your Hushmail account on your Android smartphone. (no subscription required)


Set up your Android phone to work with Hushmail (IMAP)

  • Open the Applications menu.
  • Open the Email application.
  • Tap Add Account.
  • Type in your full email address and your passphrase
  • Tap Manual Setup

Tip: If you have enabled our two-step verification feature, you will need to type in your passphrase, then a space, then the IMAP/POP passphrase we assign to you in webmail under Preferences in the Security tab


Next, you will be asked to select an account type.

  • Tap IMAP Account


  • Enter your incoming server settings.

IMAP server:
Security type: SSL
Port: 993
User nameyour full email address
Passwordyour passphrase

  • Tip: Scroll down to see Outgoing server


  • Enter your outgoing server settings.

SMTP server:
Security type: SSL
Port: 465
Authentication required before sending emails: checked
User nameyour full email address
Passwordyour passphrase


  • Tap Sign in
  • Done!


Still having trouble signing in? Something to note is that regardless of if your Hushmail email address ends in,,, or your own custom domain name, you will need to use and as your server settings.