Send an e-signature request

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Explain the three different ways you can send a web form to your client to collect their e-signature.  


How to send an e-signature request

From the compose screen

Compose an email as you normally would in webmail.

Select Add form from the top of your email composition window and choose the forms you’d like your recipient to sign.

Then send your email.

From the form builder

Once you publish your form, you’ll be prompted to begin a signing request by composing a new email. All you have to do is click on the Compose a new email link at the top of your form. The form will automatically be attached to your email. 

After you compose your email, you can send it just like any other email.

Alternatively, when in your Form builder, go to the Form list and select the Send signing request option to the right of the form you want to send. This will open up the email composition screen and you can compose an email message to accompany your form.

After you compose your email, you can send it just like any other email. A link to your form will be included with your email. 

Important note

Keep in mind that for the purpose of obtaining a signature, you will not be able to disable encryption. 

If you need extra help with sending a form for e-signing, Customer Care is always happy to assist. 

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