RESOLVED / September 15: Some customers unable to reach Hushmail website

Sept 15 3PM PST: We have pushed an update to our system that has resolved this service interruption. All customers who could not reach our site should be able to do so now. Thank you for your patience!

Sept 15 12:30PM PST: The current issue has been expanded outside of iCloud Private Relay to include customers on other platforms as well. We continue to attempt to resolve issues being reported by various customers who can not connect to the Hushmail website. We will update this page once we have a resolution in place.

Sept 13 4PM PST:  A resolution has yet to be found for this issue. Investigations on possible solutions will continue in the coming days. In the interim, access can be achieved with Private Relay disabled.

Sept 13 12:15PM PST: The investigation is ongoing to resolve this issue. It seems that at this point, some customers using iCloud Private Relay can access the site while others can not. We will update this page as things progress.

Sept 13 9AM PST: We are working to resolve reports from customers using iCloud Private Relay who are unable to access the Hushmail website on their iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. We will post updates here as they become available.