Updating MX records on Google Domains


This article will teach you how to update your existing domain’s MX records to point to Hushmail if you have a domain registered on Google Domains.


Why you need to set your MX records: 

Mail Exchanger (MX) records are the part of DNS records that direct email to specific servers on the Internet. Before Hushmail can receive mail for your domain, you’ll need to configure the MX records. 


1. Sign in to Google Domains

2. Go to DNS records

Click Configure DNS on the Domains dashboard beside the domain you want to verify for Google services. Scroll down to the Custom resource records section.

3. Delete existing MX records

Locate the MX records under the Custom resource records section. Click Delete next to each MX record. Repeat the process again until you delete all MX records.

4. Add your Hushmail records to G Suite

From the Type list under Custom resource records, select MX

Leave the Name field blank

Leave the default value in the TTL field

For data enter: 10 plsmtp1.hushmail.com

Click on the + icon

Add the second MX Record:

Type: MX

Leave Name blank

Leave TTL as default

For data enter: 10 plsmtp2.hushmail.com


Next step: 

If it says 'record already in use' this usually means that the G-suite records are still there. What you will need to do is go to the 'Synthetic Records' option that's just above the Custom Records and click into the 'Email Forwarding' section. A list of Google records should then appear that you will need to remove.



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