Updating MX records on Dreamhost.com


This article will teach you how to update your existing domain’s MX records to point to Hushmail if you have a domain registered on Dreamhost.com.


Why you need to set your MX records: 

Mail Exchanger (MX) records are the part of DNS records that direct email to specific servers on the Internet. Before Hushmail can receive mail for your domain, you’ll need to configure the MX records. 


1. Sign in to Dreamhost’s Custom MX page

2. To the right of your domain, click the Edit button.

Scroll down to the Custom MX Records section.

3. Enter the following MX records into the text fields provided 



If MX records already exist, replace them with the new records.

4. Add the priority number before each MX record address

The priority number for both records is 10 so what you’ll actually type into the field is the following: 

10 plsmtp1.hushmail.com 

10 plsmtp2.hushmail.com 

5. Click Update your custom MX records now! button to save

Be sure to leave the "I will still check my email at Dreamhost.com option un-checked to ensure emails are properly delivered to a Hushmail server.


Next step: 

You can read more about updating your MX records on Dreamhost.com and find screenshots of the steps at:




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