Updating MX records on Bluehost.com

This article will teach you how to update your existing domains MX records to point to Hushmail if you have the domain registered on Bluehost.com.

You will first need to sign into your Bluehost cPanel account.

Select Domain from the options on the left, click Manage and then DNS/Zone Editor.




If you have more than one domain, please select the relevant domain from the dropdown.



Underneath the Add DNS record section enter the below information:

Host record: @

Type: MX

Points to: plsmtp1.hushmail.com

Priority: 10


Host record: @

Type: MX

Points to: plsmtp2.hushmail.com

Priority: 10




Note: If you already have MX records listed in your Bluehost account, you will need to remove them all and replace them with the Hushmail MX records listed above.

You can check your MX records for your domain to see if they are set by using a third party MX checking tool like MX Toolbox.