Updating MX Records on Hostgator


This article will walk you through how to change your MX records on Hostgator.

Please note that Hostgator Standard Plans do not have DNS controls which are needed to change MX Records. If you contact Hostgator, they will be able to change these records for you:


Hostgator Contact Details:

Live Chat can be accessed here.

Contact numbers and information can be accessed here.


If you have the Hosting Plan on Hostgator, please follow the steps below to set your MX records:

1. Sign into your Hostgator account.

1. Sign into cPanel.

2. Click on the 'MX Entry' icon from within the Mail section of cPanel.

3. Once your domain name is selected, the current MX Records will populate towards the bottom of the screen.

4. Click on the 'Edit' link from the Actions column and replace the entry with:


Host: @

Points to: plsmtp1.hushmail.com

Priority: 10


Host: @

Points to: plsmtp2.hushmail.com

Priority: 10


5. Click the Edit button to finalize your changes.

6. Lastly, on the same page, you will need to set the Email Routing option to 'Remote Mail Exchanger' and click Change.


Note: If you already have MX records listed in your Hostgator account, you will need to remove them all and replace them with the Hushmail MX records listed above.

You can check your MX records for your domain to see if they are set by using a third party MX checking tool like MX Toolbox.