Updating MX and SPF records for your domain on Squarespace.com

This article will teach you how to update your existing domains MX records and SPF records to point to Hushmail if you have the domain registered on Squarespace.com

To start, navigate to the Squarespace website and click on Log in in the top right hand corner.

The next page will ask you for your Email Address and Password for your account on Squarespace which will let you log into the Squarespace control panel.




Once signed in switch from Websites to Domains to control your domain settings




When your domain name loads, click on it to proceed.




Next click on your domain name again under Domains Managed by Squarespace and then click on DNS Settings to get to the page where you can update your MX records.






At the bottom of this page, under Custom Records, you can add the Hushmail MX records by designating the RecordPriority and Data.




The MX records should be entered as follows:

@ MX 10 plsmtp1.hushmail.com

@ MX 10 plsmtp2.hushmail.com


Make sure to click Save in the top left hand corner when you're done.





Note: If you already have MX records listed in your Squarespace account, you will need to remove them all and replace them with the Hushmail MX records listed above.

Once this process is complete, give the system half an hour to an hour as it may take time to propagate the changes across the web.

You can check your MX records for your domain to see if they are set by using a third party MX checking tool like MX Toolbox


Updating SPF records:

While you are in the Advanced Settings page, you will also want to make sure that your SPF records are updated as well. This will help ensure that the email you send out arrives in your contacts Inbox instead of their Junk folders.

To add an SPF record, go back to the Custom Records area and add a TXT record. Type in the Value as the following:

v=spf1 include:_spf.hushmail.com -all

To finish, click Add and then Save in the top left hand corner.