Updating MX Records on GoDaddy.com

This article will teach you how to edit your existing domains MX records to point to Hushmail if you have the domain registered on GoDaddy.com

To start, navigate to the GoDaddy website and click on Sign in in the top right hand corner and then Sign in again once the options drop down.

The next page will ask you for your Username and Password for your account on GoDaddy to sign into the GoDaddy control panel.


Once signed into the control panel, click on Domain in the top right hand corner.


On the next page, click on DNS on the top of the screen and then click on Manage Zones.


On the next page, type in the name of your domain and click Search.


On the next page, find your MX records and click on the Pencil icon to change the record. Change the Points To value to the following and click Save.


Then edit the next MX record with the Pencil icon and change the Points To value to the following.




Any other MX records listed in your records can be deleted as you only need the two Hushmail MX records for the system to work properly. Leaving old MX records may impact your ability to receive email at your Hushmail account.

If you are starting from scratch and have no MX records, then simply add two new records and enter the values seen in the video above.

Once this process is complete, give the system half an hour to an hour as it may take time to propagate the changes across the web.

You can check your MX records for your domain to see if they are set by using a third party MX checking tool like MX Toolbox