Passphrase recovery for Hushmail Business

By default, Hushmail does not store a user's passphrase, however, Hushmail Business customers under all current plans listed on our website will have a passphrase recovery feature enabled when they sign up.

Passphrase recovery allows administrators to reset the passphrase for the users on their domain. Passphrase recovery works by sharing information between trusted users of the Hushmail Business customer and Hushmail which, when combined, is sufficient to reset a passphrase.

Passphrase recovery has to either be enabled before user accounts are created, or if it is enabled subsequent to user accounts being created, users will be required to change their passphrases.

Note: Customers with legacy plans not listed on our website might not have passphrase recovery enabled. You may contact us to have this feature enabled. As indicated above, this is not a retroactive solution. If the passphrase is already lost and the feature was not enabled, then enabling it after will not allow you to reset the passphrase.