Email forwarding and email aliases

Hushmail Business can be configured so that email sent to an email address on a Hushmail Business domain for which no account exists can be directed to any email address. The destination email address does not have to be hosted on the Hushmail Business domain. This is called email forwarding or email aliases. Hushmail Business can also be configured so that all email sent to an address on the Hushmail Business domain for which no account exists will be directed to a designated email address. This is called a catch all address.

Email forwarding is included as part of the Domain Administration service and costs $10.00 per month (irrespective of the number of users you have on your domain). If you are a Hushmail Business customer and wish to enable domain administration please see the Making changes to your Hushmail Business services article.

More information on setting email forwarding rules can be found here, and more information on setting up a catch all account can be found here.

Alternately, if you contact us after you sign up we will be happy to configure a one time list of forwarding rules for you at no extra charge.