How do I send an encrypted email?

With your Hushmail account you can send encrypted emails to both non-Hushmail users and Hushmail users. To find out how to send an encrypted email to a non-Hushmail user follow these instructions. To send an encrypted email to a Hushmail user follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your account and click on the compose link.
  2. Sending_to_a_Hushmail_User_1.png

  3. Next, enter the email address of the Hushmail user you wish to send an email to, enter a subject for your message, and type your message.
  4. Next, click Message options.
  5. Sending_to_a_Hushmail_User_2.png

  6. Next, click Encrypt your Message and if you wish to digitally sign your message click Sign Message.
  7. Next, to send your message click Send.


You can set your preferences to encrypt messages and/or digitally sign messages by default.