How do I reply to a Hushmail Express message?

Recipients of Hushmail Express messages can reply to the message they received. Recipients can reply to the sender of the email or to all recipients of the original email. In addition, recipients can send an attachment with their reply.

To reply to your Hushmail Express message follow these steps:

  1. Open your Hushmail Express message.
  2. create_passphrase_5.png

  3. Click on Reply to reply to the sender, or click on Reply all  to reply to all the recipients of the email.

    If you would like to attach an attachment to your reply click on the Add an attachment link and then select the file you wish to attach.



  4. Click Send and when your reply has been sent you will see the confimation Your reply was sent successfully.


  6. If you would like to see the encrypted message click on the link To see what this message would look like had it been intercepted, click here and the encrypted text will be displayed.


  8. Click the Sign out button to end your session.