I have forgotten my Hushmail Express passphrase how do I reset it?

If you receive Hushmail Express messages and you have created a passphrase so you do not need to answer a question each time you receive a Hushmail Express message, it is possible to reset your passphrase should you forget the passphrase. You should be aware that if you reset your passphrase you will not be able to read any messages that have sent to you before your passphrase reset.

To change your passphrase follow these steps:

  1. Clink on the Link in a Hushmail Express notification email to take you to the message pick up page:
  2. Express_reset_passphrase1.png

  3. Click on the Can't remember your passphrase? link.
  4. Express_reset_passphrase2.png

  5. Click on the Reset my passphrase link. Please note that resetting your passphrase will make all prior messages inaccessible.
  6. Express_reset_passphrase3.png

  7. Enter a new passphrase in the Chose your passphrase field, confirm your passphrase choice.
  8. Check the check box acknowledging that all prior existing messages will become permanently inaccessible.
  9. Click on Reset passphrase.


  11. You will see a confirmation when your passphrase has been changed. Click Sign out to leave the session.