How do I send an un-encrypted email?

Hushmail users can send un-encrypted email to any email address. To send an un-encrypted email message log into your account and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Compose link in your Hushmail account.
  2. Enter the email address or addresses you wish to send the un-encrypted email to. There can be a mix of Hushmail and non-Hushmail accounts.
  3. Compose your email.
  4. Express_Send_1.png

  5. Click on Message Options
  6. unencrypted_message1.png

  7. Ensure that the Encrypt Message check box is  un-checked. Optionally you can chose to digitally sign your message by checking the Sign Message check box.
  8. Click Send and your message will be sent to the recipients without encryption.