How to setup an email alias (Pseudonym)?

You can create Email Aliases or Pseudonyms with your email account. Pseudonyms can be used for situations (such as download forms) where you must provide an email address, but where you do not want to use your real address. When a pseudonym is no longer needed, you can delete it and no longer receive email at that address. You can also send email from your pseudonyms. All pseudonyms will be added under the domain You can setup email aliases when logged into your account as follows:

  1. Click on the Preferences link located at the top of the web mail and the Preferences section will be displayed.
  2. Next, scroll down to the section marked  Email Aliases (Pseudonyms).
  3. Preferences9c.png

  4. Next, enter the pseudonym you wish to use in the text box next to the  Add Alias button.
  5. Next, click the Add Alias button if your alias is available the pseudonym will be created, if it is not choose another alias.


  1. If you wish to remove an alias highlight the alias from the list of aliases and click on the Remove Alias button.