How do I view my Hushmail Business subscription information & payment history

You can view your Hushmail Business payment history by visiting our billing page. When you are logged into our billing page you can, view your past purchases, download receipts, and update your credit card details.

Viewing your Past Purchases


To log into our billing page visit

Next, enter your Hushmail Business Primary account user name and Passphrase and click Sign in. If you are not sure which account to use, please contact our customer support team.


Note, once you are signed in you will not see any active subscriptions under the Manage Billing section as all Hushmail Business services are charged in arrears. If you have any questions in regards to your subscriptions click on the contact us link.



Once signed in, clicking on the View Past Purchases link on the right will display your Hushmail Business charges. 


Your past purchases will be displayed and you can download payment receipts for all of your past purchases by clicking on the receipt number link next to the subscription you wish a receipt for.


Downloading your Payment Receipt

If you would like to download a payment receipt click on the receipt number link next to the subscription you wish a receipt for. You will be prompted to save the receipt in PDF. Once the file has downloaded you can view and print the file from your computer.



Updating your Credit Card

If you wish to update the credit card we use to process your Hushmail Business subscription payments you can do so by clicking on the Edit Credit Card (Hushmail Business) link and entering new credit card information. 

When you have entered all of the required information be sure to click on Save Changes  to update your credit card.


Logging out

Be sure to click on the Sign Out link when you wish to leave the billing page.