How do I deactivate or delete users on my domain?

There are two ways to deactivate or delete users on your domain as follows:

  1. You can request changes to your Hushmail Business services by sending a digitally signed email to our customer support staff or by calling us. 
  2. Or, if you are a domain administrator for your domain you can deactivate or delete users yourself by logging into Hushtools with your administrator account. Once you have logged in clicking on Administrator Tools  then clicking on Users and then clicking on Show all users  will display a list of users.  You can edit the individual user properties by clicking the Edit link next to the user address. Domain administrators can deactivate users, delete users, and they can also reset a users pass-phrase (if they have enabled the Pass-phrase Recovery for the domain). More information on these services can be found in the Hushmail Business Advanced help section.

In order to be a domain administrator on your domain you are required to subscribe for the Domain Administration package.