Making changes to your Hushmail Business services

There are many service options and configurations available to Hushmail Business customers, depending on the services you have enabled you may be able to make some of these changes yourself. However, for some requests such as adding services, removing services, or canceling your service you will be required to contact customer support.

In order to make changes to your account customer support are required to receive an authenticated request. There are two ways that you can do this:

  1. By sending a digitally signed email* to customer support requesting the changes you wish made.
  2. By calling us and requesting that we make the changes. 

When you signed up for your Hushmail Business services you received a setup email, the Hushmail Business customer support contact details are included in that email. You can also contact us here.


* To send a digitally signed email follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Hushmail account through our website.
  2. Next click on the Compose button and type your message.
  3. Next click on the Message Options tab.
  4. Next make sure that Sign Message is checked.
  5. Next click on the Send button to send your digitally signed message.