Searching your email


To search your email, first open the folder that you would like to search.

After opening the folder you will see the search field at the top-right of the page.

Type one or more search words into the search field and click Search.

Advanced search

The following advanced searches will help you find more specific results within the folder you are searching:

    • from Rick will find all emails from Rick. More specifically, it matches all emails that have the text Rick in the name or email address of the sender.

    • to Alice will find all emails that were sent to Alice.
    • subject Reservations will find all emails that have a subject containing the word Reservations.
    • unseen will find all emails that are marked as unread.
    • seen will find all all emails that are marked as read.
    • body Barbados will find all emails that have Barbados in the body text of the email.
    • from Rick subject Reservations will find all emails from Rick that have the word Reservations in the subject. 
Note: If an email is encrypted you will not be able to search the body text of that message. This is because the encrypted content is not accessible to the search function on the server. Header fields, like the sender, recipient and subject line, are not encryped and can always be searched.