Hushmail Mobile security

Using Hushmail Mobile ( is similar to using Hushmail.  Sensitive encryption operations take place on our servers, and the connection between our server and your mobile phone is secured using SSL.

Additional considerations:

  • Some web browsers send mobile web pages through a proxy server that optimizes content for display on mobile devices. See the Opera Mini FAQ for information on that browser’s security limitations. Many web browsers do not use a proxy server, such as Opera Mobile. Carefully review the privacy policy of your web browser vendor and your service provider to ensure you have end-to-end security.
  • Hushmail Mobile uses bookmarkable URLs (such as to speed up navigation on mobile devices. If you are concerned about exposing your email address in your URL history, clear your browser’s history and cache regularly.
  • Just like in regular Hushmail, always sign out at the end of your session.