Be sure you're connecting to Hushmail

Your connection to our website is confirmed by an Extended Validation SSL certificate owned by Hush Communications Canada, Inc

If you see a certificate warning when accessing Hushmail, do not continue. Someone may be attempting to intercept your communications. However, the most likely cause of an invalid certificate warning is that the date is set incorrectly on your computer. If this is the case, please correct the date setting on your computer and then reload the Hushmail website.

To confirm that you are really connecting to Hushmail:

Note: These instructions are for customers using Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are using other web browsing software, the steps will be very similar. The term thumbprint may be replaced with fingerprint.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the padlock in your web browser's location bar.


  3. Click View certificates.


  4. Select the Details tab.

  5. Compare the Thumbprint to the following: 
  6. 49 a6 92 ce d1 b9 be 5a c3 5a a5 4b c8 20 2b 17 fe e3 f0 10

If the two values are not identical, do not continue using the Hushmail website.