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Using your own domain with Hushmail Business

posted this on December 9, 2010, 16:15

With Hushmail Business you have the following choices when deciding which domain to use:

  1. Your own domain such as
  2. A sub-domain of your own domain such as
  3. A sub-domain of our domain such as
  4. <!-- li>A split domain where some of your users are hosted on our servers, and some of your users remain on your existing email servers. This can be with your own domain, or a sub-domain. </li -->


  1. If you use a domain of yours for Hushmail Business you will have to register the domain prior to signing up for Hushmail Business.
  2. If you already own the domain you will be required to change the MX records for the domain with the domain registrar. Hush will provide you with the MX record settings at the time of sign up. Changing the MX records for your domain will mean your existing email accounts will no longer receive email, and that email will be sent to your accounts on the servers.
  3. If you chose to use a sub-domain of your domain then Hush will provide you with the MX record settings at the time of sign up.
  4. If you use a sub-domain of then Hush will setup the MX records for the domain.
  5. <!-- li>If you chose to setup a split domain then this setup will be more complex and a Hush customer support representative will provide you assistance. This configuration requires you being able to make changes to your existing email services, which is not always possible especially if you are using another email service provider.</li -->
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