Create a Hushmail subdomain for your account

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We’ll explain the best way to create a Hushmail subdomain ( for your new account.

How to create a Hushmail subdomain:   

If you don’t have your own domain name ( or to use with your Hushmail account, a Hushmail subdomain ( or is a good alternative. However, domain names must meet certain requirements to prevent confusion and are subject to approval.

When you decide on your subdomain, choose a descriptive or distinctive name to go before the The name should describe the company, organization, individual, location, type of business, or something else that describes or distinguishes the person or business using the account.

We will not approve names consisting of generic terms or that could be mistaken for official Hushmail company domains.

Don’t worry. If your subdomain choice doesn’t meet our requirements, we’ll let you know and help you select a different name.

Acceptable subdomains Unacceptable subdomains


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